🏗 Changelog

Latest changes and updates to MetaSurvey.

💡 MetaSurvey was founded on October 26, 2019, with the initial MVP created on December 15, 2019.

08 April 2024

Google Sheets integration

🚢 Shipped


Connect MetaSurvey with Google Sheets.

  • Connect in 1 click
  • Send existing survey results
  • All questions in separate columns
  • New responses append in a new row
  • Auto-update spreadsheet columns with question changes (rename, add a new question)

Follow this quick guide to connect: https://getmetasurvey.com/help/google-sheets/

Connect MetaSurvey with Google Sheets

🔒 This is a paid feature.

You can get a PRO plan to unlock it, or if you are a lifetime customer, you can request a plus add-on via Manage plans.

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10 February 2024

Integration with Pabbly

🚢 Shipped


Now you can connect MetaSurvey with more than 1500+ services like Google Sheets or TaskMagic using Pabbly Connect.

Follow this easy guide

Connect MetaSurvey with Pabbly

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19 November 2022


🚢 Shipped



Now you can send the response data to your endpoints when someone completes a survey.

Add up to 5 endpoints per survey.

Webhooks settings

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